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Startup Evaluation

Supporting the successful incubation of multisided platform models.

Understand the potential of a new venture.

Make the right strategic move to jump-start the business.

Startups in the platform economy hold tremendous growth potential often disrupting whole industries. We help cutting through the complexities of marketplace dynamics to thoroughly evaluate and improve the concepts of early-stage and growing ventures.

Analyzing Graphs

Our Expertise

Business Model Evaluation

Incubator & Accelerator Support

Pitch Deck Design

Pitch Presentation Training

MVP Design & Piloting

Go-To-Market & Growth Strategy

Customer Segment Analysis

Value Proposition Refinement

User Attraction & Engagement Strategy

Governance & Curation Strategy

Competitor & Partner Analysis

Monetization Strategy

Our Concept

Our framework to analyze and evaluate multisided platform businesses has been awarded at the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, was featured in Forbes and is taught in several word-leading business schools including Harvard and Hult International Business School.

By breaking down the business model in its essential elements, we uncover gaps and challenges early on and reveal new growth drivers. Enabling effective decision making on all levels from vision over strategy down to individual product features. 

Platform Canvas - Two Sided Market Framework
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