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New Venture Design

Empowering entrepreneurs to bring their most ambitious visions to life.

Turn your vision into reality.

From idea to concept to launch.

Combining our unique focus on multisided platform design with strong ties to Silicon Valley, we make it our personal goal to help entrepreneurs and startups creating amazing products and founding successful businesses. If you just want to explore the potentials of a new idea or already have a working product, no matter in which state of your nascent venture you are, we have your back and take you to the next level. 

Our Expertise

Business Plan.gif

Business Model Conceptualization

Ideation & Opportunity Evaluation

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Customer Journey Development

Software Development Vendor Selection

Go-To-Market Strategy

Pitch Deck Design

Investor Outreach & Fundraising

MVP Design & Piloting

Acceleration & Growth Strategy


Understand the full potential of your idea and foresee challenges early on. Establish a concept that turns your vision into a clear narrative for yourself and potential investors. 

Our Process


Develop a clear picture of your business model. Ensure product-market fit by bringing a minimal viable product (MVP) in front of potential customers. Nail down the value propositions and fully understand the market you are about to enter.


Bring your idea to life and build a first prototype. Find the right development partner and break down your vision into actual product features.

Market launch.gif

Make the right adjustments to turn your prototype into a real digital platform. Build a strategy that brings the platform to market ensuring rapid adoption among your target audience and monetary gains.


Adapt your platform at the right ends to gain the traction it deserves. Use calibrated pull-factors to increase user numbers and leverage network effects.

Meet Marcel Allweins,
Managing Partner
Co-Founder, Strategy Consultant, cert. Innovation Master

"Building a multisided platform is a challenging and complex endeavor. This is why we are truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs to create the next big startup with our award winning concept. It is the greatest joy to see our clients discovering the full potential of their own ideas."

Ready to bring your startup to the next level? 
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